Easy and Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Roofers!

Online marketing is something that every roofing contractor needs to invest in, that is if they want to get ahead of their local competition. While there are certainly some elements of marketing and lead generation that can be more complicated, there are some highly-effective lead generation strategies for roofers that are very easy to adopt. Here are some of the easiest, and most effective ideas recommended by lead generation strategy services for roofers to get the most from their marketing budgets!

  • Invest In A Professionally Built Website - A user-friendly website that is optimized, functional, and works the way it should is a prime requirement for any business. Avoid skimping and attempting a DIY site. Invest in one built by a professional lead generation for roofers service, as this website is the very basis of every roofing contractor’s online presence. 
  • Use Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the main social media platforms for broadening exposure to the people seeking services within a contractor’s community. Social media has become a critical tool for building brand awareness and fostering great relationships with followers. 
  • Claim and Optimize Directory Profiles - Directory listings like Google Business Profiles, Yelp!, and others are essential for reputation building and lead generation for roofers is achieved by collecting and managing customer reviews. Google Business pages are also essential for getting a roofing company’s name and profile on the Google Maps page. 
  • Use Email Marketing - Email marketing campaigns done using data gained from opt-in information gathering remains a tried-and-true way to keep potential leads in the loop until they one day convert. 
  • Learn About SEO - Website, advertising, and directory optimization all work to improve organic search in the various search and social media feed algorithms. The more roofing contractors know about their own SEO, the easier it is for them to take little steps to optimize their sites. 
  • Don’t Forget About Offline Marketing - Online lead generation strategy services are critical, but for service-oriented businesses, offline marketing remains important, too. Keep up with direct mail ads, trade show exposure, community and chamber of commerce events, and even neighborhood canvasing with flyers. 
  • Work With A Great Lead Generation - Lastly, busy roofers who wish to accomplish more of this but simply don’t have the time can partner with an experienced lead generation strategy service for roofers that can help them do it. 

Investing in effective lead generation for roofers is essential for contractors in busy local markets.

Using these ideas and by reaching out to a professional lead generation strategy service that can help, any roofing contractor can rise to the top of the SERPs, gain more leads in their community, and make more sales!